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Yet Another Andy Writing About SQL Server

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Welcome to NebraSQL!

Who are you?

I’m Andy Galbraith, a thirty-something SQL Server DBA of almost ten years and father of almost eight months (as of October 2010).  I have for worked for several medium to large companies and educational institutions in eastern Nebraska.

Why are you doing this?

As I said I have been a DBA for almost ten years, but I have only been involved reading people’s blogs for around a year.  In the earlier part of my DBA career I have been to several PASS Summits and a SQL Connections but financial realities of the last few years have kept me away; as such I have been focusing on less-expensive training, such as the excellent SSWUG Virtual Conferences as well as reading various material online – mainly blogs.  Recently multiple bloggers have discussed the usefulness of blogging and how it can help you focus and keep track of your career. (here and here)  So I thought – why not?

What will you be writing about?

I will be writing on a variety of SQL Server issues, but also on my experiences as a new father (and sole income-provider) as well as the realities of social networking, job searching, and career goals.

Who are your influences?

I do everything for my wife and son, but biggest technology/career influences (in no particular order) are Brent Ozar, Kevin Kline, Steve Jones, Stephen Wynkoop, and Kalen Delaney (not to slight all those dozens of deserving souls who didn’t make the top five).

What’s with the name?

I am a SQL DBA from Nebraska, so NebraSQL was the catchiest (or kitschiest) thing I could come up with – sue me.  {-:

I am on Twitter (@DBA_ANDY) and LinkedIn - see you later!

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