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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I've Taken the SQL Server Resolution!

As part of the current T-SQL Tuesday I was browsing some of the blogs who had posts and on one of those blogs (Thomas Rushton, the Lone DBA - B/T) I saw the following icon:

Intrigued, I right-clicked on the icon (Safety First!), and saw that the icon came from Matt Velic (B/T) a SQL professional whose name I recognized, so I went ahead and clicked on the link.

Here is the text of the resolution, from Matt's January 2011 T-SQL Tuesday blog post - and it makes a lot of sense to me:
"I hereby resolve to work towards becoming a more proficient SQL Server professional. I will make opportunities to acquire knowledge, develop my skills, and grow in my profession. In working towards greater proficiency, I also resolve to enrich my relationships with family, friends and the SQL Server community. These people are my support system and are most deserving of my time and attention."
I hereby resolve to follow these statements, especially by becoming more involved in my local user group and in the SQL blogosphere.

Can you make the SQL Server Resolution?


  1. Heh, wow, I didn't thing anyone had used that graphic. I am happy to be pleasantly surprised. :)

  2. Though, actually, my Twitter is simply @mvelic. That one you've got listed is one I made for work because they more or less forced us to tweet that message... I should really delete it, if I can remember the password...

  3. Fixed it - interesting - when I searched Twitter for your name "Matt Velic" the other one is the one that came back - just another reason to try to delete it! {-:

    Thanks again for the great post and for reading!