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Friday, August 10, 2012

Going to Seattle for More SQLSkills!

Last April I experienced the most amazing training event I have participated in so far in my life (yet).

I actually got to go to a SQLskills Immersion Event - IE1 in Chicago.  I went with one of my House of Brick colleagues David Klee (blog/@kleegeek) and our minds melted for five unbelievable days.

At the end of the very first day of class I talked to Klee and we agreed that we had to get the company to send us to the remaining immersion events in the series - at least to IE2-IE4 (and maybe the BI events too). I called home to the office and they reminded me that I was already registered for the PASS Summit for 2012, and that another week of training wasn't going to happen this year (in their defense, I already had two weeks booked in one year which is better than a lot of companies do, right?)

I pondered in deep thought for about half a second and offered to skip PASS if I could register for IE2 in Seattle in the late summer.

Realize that I haven't been to the PASS Summit for several years (as I described here) and I had really been looking forward to it.  The Summit is a crazy-good cross-section of the SQL Server universe and is not to be missed if you can make it happen.

...except for this.

The Powers-That-Be briefly considered and then approved my suggestion, and Klee and I registered that same day for IE2 in Seattle in August.

...and now it's August.

To top all of that, since then SQLskills has hired two more amazing employees Glenn Berry and Erin Stellato, and they will both be in the class with us next week, as will several other well known SQL Server personalities.

To borrow a well-known phrase, SQUEEEE!

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