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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Come See Us at SQL Saturday #165 in Lincoln!

I will be speaking with several of my House of Brick Technologies colleagues at SQL Saturday #165 in Lincoln in a couple weeks (October 6th):

I am giving my solo presentation on the Ola Hallengren Maintenance Solution and also co-presenting "Virtualizing Business Critical SQL Servers" with our SQL Server Solutions Architect David Klee (blog/@kleegeek). The Virtualizing talk is a how-to session as well as a tips-and-tricks session on this very popular topic - everybody virtualizes their DEV and TEST, but what about when you need to virtualize your Tier-1 OLTP app?  Come find out!

 Klee is also presenting his talk on "Database Health and Performance" which covers lots of metrics and settings that we use when we check SQL Server environments and what we recommend to our clients. You know you need to see it!

Another colleague Dave Pettengill is giving a pair of solo talks - "A Database Perspective" is a generalist view of databases and DBA's drawn from his seasoned career in IT, and "Heart to Heart with Business Users" cracks the code of how to talk to your non-technical end users without making their eyes glaze over with geek-speak.  Check them out!

Other than us there are multiple amazing speakers - SQL Server MVP's Kevin Kline (blog/@kekline), Chris Shaw (blog/@sqlshaw), Bill Pearson (@Bill_Pearson), and Phil Brammer (blog/@PhilBrammer) are going to be here, as well as noted regional speakers Bill Fellows (blog/@billinkc) and John Morehouse (blog/@sqlrus), and our local Microsoft SQL Server Technologist Sudhir Gajre (@SudhirGajre) and many more - come on out for a great day!

Oh by the way, did I say REGISTER NOW! See you there!

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