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Monday, January 25, 2016

Speaking at SQL Saturday #500 in Boston!

SQLSaturday #500 - Boston 2016

I have been selected to speak at SQL Saturday #500 in Boston on March 19th - I will be speaking (at 9am in the morning!) on "Getting Started with Extended Events":

Few subjects in Microsoft SQL Server inspire the same amount of Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD) as Extended Events.  Many DBA's continue to use Profiler and SQL Trace even though they have been deprecated for years.  Why is this?
Extended Events started out in SQL Server 2008 with no user interface and only a few voices in the community documenting the features as they found them.  Since then it has blossomed into a full feature of SQL Server and an amazingly low-impact replacement for Profiler and Trace. 
Come learn how to get started - the basics of sessions, events, actions, targets, packages, and more.  We will look at some base scenarios where Extended Events can be very useful as well as considering a few gotchas along the way.  You may never go back to Profiler again!

SQL Saturdays are put on by PASS and are amazing full-day events of free training and networking ($10 for lunch), with sessions presented by a wide array of speakers.  Many of the speakers are SQL Server MVPs and the topics cover a wide array of fields from DBA to Developer to BI and beyond.


If you are interested there are also full day sessions (albeit not free!) Thursday and Friday from SQL Server MVP Jes Borland and MVP Denny Cherry respectively.  Jes will be presenting "How to Get Started Using Microsoft Azure" and Denny is covering "SQL Server Performance Tuning and Optimization" - if you are coming out Saturday and have the availability Thursday and/or Friday, consider them as well.


Hope to see you there!

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