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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Catching Up on The #SQLPASS Virtual Chapters

(Didn't realize until I was posting that this was my 100th post...whew!)


A few months ago we purchased a new "smart" Blu-Ray player and one of its intriguing features was its built-in WiFi with pre-installed Internet apps like Amazon Video, YouTube, Vudu, etc. (Previously we had a 6-year-old "dumb" DVD player that was barely smart enough to eject its tray when you pushed the button).
Interestingly, the limitations of these pre-installed apps became one of my frustrations as we started to use the player more and more.  I wanted to be able to view Pluralsight videos and TED Talks, and my wife wanted to watch Craftsy videos, and lacking customized applications we couldn't do so.
After some searching on my laptop I found that TED Talks are available on YouTube!  Some more digging and I found a few PASS videos as well - and more intensive searching found that almost every single PASS Virtual Chapter has its own YouTube channel where they upload recordings of their presentations!

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Below I have lifted the list of PASS Virtual Chapters (current as of May 2016) and the descriptions provided by PASS.  I have gone through YouTube and found the link for each chapter's YouTube channel and listed them below.

(I apologize to any international readers but I have omitted the non-English speaking chapters as I don't have the language skills to properly search for their content.)

Chapter Name
Short Description
Virtual Chapter URL
YouTube Recordings
Application Development
Training and information for Application Developers
Big Data
Discuss Big Data technologies & Hadoop-based systems
Business Analytics
The PASS Business Analytics Chapter provides virtual train...
Business Intelligence
Connecting BI Professionals globally
Enabling cloud knowledge sharing
Data Architecture
Focusing on your data architecture concerns
Data Science
Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning, Data Mining
Database Administration
Forum for discussion on DBA topics
DBA Fundamentals
Rock solid foundations!
Excel Business Intelligence
Helping users achieve excellence in Excel
Connecting SQL Server Pros in the healthcare industry
High Availability and Disaster Recovery
Reduce the risk and impact of system faults and outages
Cover all technologies and solutions that may be integrate...
In Memory VC
Take advantage of the new In-Memory features
Discuss SQL Server performance-related content
Learn and share best practices around PowerShell
Professional Development
Join the conversation and share resources
Saturday Night SQL
Forum for discussion about BI and Databases
Guidance and education on SQL Server security topics
Improving management of SQL Server in virtual environments
Women in Technology
Forum for discussion of issues pertinent to WIT

What I like to do is to "subscribe" to each of the relevant channels and that makes it easy for me to receive content on our Blu-Ray player (as well as on the YouTube app on my Android).

The Virtual Chapter websites listed above do have archives of the recording of their meetings as well, but they aren't centralized and they are only available from a regular web browser as opposed to a custom app on your TV or phone.

There are also several other useful  YouTube channels I recommend:


Can't beat free info - it's free, and it's info!


Hope this helps!

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