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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Error 14269 on SQL Server 2000

As I noted in my last post, I am currently on a project to review some older servers (SQL 2000 and 2005), and as such I am tripping over some old quirks of the SQL Server system.

On one of the SQL 2000 servers I tried to modify an existing job's schedule, and was awarded with the following error:

 The thing I first noticed was that the servername (masked here) was truncated...the last few characters were missing from the name.  Googling 14269 brought me here:

 "BUG: You receive an "Error 14269" error message when you try to modify the SQL Server Agent job if the combination of the computer name and the instance name is more than 30 characters in SQL Server 2000"

I had noted that the instance I was reviewing is a named instance with a long name, which is annoying for my lazy typist side but just a reality of how this older system was set up.  

According to the SUpport KB, there was apparently a bug "by design" in the sp_add_jobserver stored procedure whereby the servername (Server\Instance) is processed as an nvarchar(30) parameter, which does not work with the long servername.

What made me laugh out loud was the number one workaround in the Support KB:

Since I was pretty sure I couldn't re-install the aged server, I went with option 2 and scripted the job to drop and re-create with the new schedule.


I realize that in the year 2012 the odds that someone else out there is running SQL 2000 with a greater than 30 character server name is slight. but if you are out there, hopefully this will help!

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