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Friday, February 10, 2017

YouTubing Down the SQL Server River

I recently stumbled on a YouTube channel from one of my favorite SQLPeople - she is sharp (and an MCM) and one of the nicest people out there - Kendra Little (blog/@Kendra_Little).  Since divesting herself from Brent Ozar Unlimited over a year ago Kendra has been on a "do-it-myself sabbatical to learn, write, teach, and see a bit of the world."  During that time she has produced a *lot* of SQL Server content.

I read her blog regularly but somehow never saw that she had a YouTube channel.

The channel hosts 10-30 minute performance tuning videos as well as Kendra's weekly "Dear SQL DBA" podcast.  As I said Kendra really knows her stuff, so definitely check this out!


I have written in the past about the PASS virtual chapter YouTube feeds, but this made me go looking for who else is out there in YouTube-land, and I found quite a bit!


My company Ntirety has its own YouTube channel with short videos on database administration (and a few commercials #disclosure).


Microsoft has quite a few "official" YouTube channels:

While I couldnt find an official "Microsoft SQL Server" or "Microsoft Database Platform" channel, I did see this interesting SQL Server channel - a channel "generated automatically by YouTube's video discovery system" that has managed to find many videos from various sources.


SQL Server MVP (and all-around fun guy) Grant Fritchey (blog/@GFritchey) has a channel here about a variety of topics.


SQL Server author/instructor Sharon Dooley has a frequently updated channel here.


Of course the big vendors/consultancies have their own channels - some of it is company/product commercials (gotta pay the bills) but a majority of it is really good free content about SQL Server.

In no particular order:


Of course there are other non-YouTube video sources out there, but I recommend you start here - watching this free content will keep you busy learning for some time!

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